Heartbeat Lessons of the Cross- Lesson One: The Beating Heart


The physical human heart is a muscular organ with the major function of pumping blood. The blood is pumped throughout the many blood vessels within the human body. The heart completes this task with repeated and rhythmic contractions. The circulatory system that includes the vertebrates is also working within the system of all the body organs to perform vital functions to accomplish continued life of the human being. When our heart beats, every single beat involves five major stages called the cardiac cycle.   The cardiac cycle refers to all the events related to the results of the beginning of each heartbeat.  The five stages include the first two, the “ventricular filling” stage and the last three involve moving the blood flow from the ventricles to the artery and the aorta.  Throughout this cardiac cycle, valves are opened or closed, blood flows or ceases to flow, the heart is relaxed or contracted, the ventricular are empty or full, and blood pressure increases or decreases.  All this happens in a beautifully orchestrated rhythmic beat. Unnoticed to the naked eye and fully trusted by humans, this wonderful well working machine is often forgotten by us as we go about our daily tasks of living.  The healthy heart inside our bodies produces a healthy reproduction that flows not only in our bodies but overflows outwardly to our emotions, feelings, attitude, etc.


 “And you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength."  Mark 12:30
Whoever believes in me, as the Scripture has said, 'Out of his heart will flow rivers of living water.'      John 7:38


The purpose that Christ was obedient to God in His direction to die on the cross was to bring about reconciliation.  Reconciliation, bringing friendship, once again between God and man, leads to a desire to be and do what God wants. It also rescues us from the death penalty for doing wrong and instead gives us eternal salvation.  Currently, Jesus is sitting on the right hand side of God the Father in heaven. Even after His resurrection and ascension His goal is the same, continued friendship between the human race and God.  We get our every day repeated and rhythmic contractions of our spiritual heart through allowing the heart (God) to pump the blood (his teachings and holy laws) through our veins (heart, soul and mind) in a daily one on one relationship with Christ Jesus as our Lord and Savior. 

 Just like the cardiac cycle is responsible for moving the blood flow to the whole body, likewise believers in Christ are also called to a “flow” that comes out of the heart. The metaphor Jesus speaks of also has to do with the life and death of a heart.  But most important with the spiritual matters of the heart. When Jesus speaks the above phrase at the feast, He was speaking to us.  He was speaking of the soon to come Holy Spirit after his resurrection and ascension where He is now currently is sitting on the right hand of the heavenly Father in heaven.


1.  Are you connected to God’s heartbeat? If not, ask Him to connect you to Him. Ask Him for a pure heart and a heart to long after Him

 2.  Would you conform to His heartbeat, daily depending on Him flowing blood of life throughout your body?

3.  Would you acknowledge that He is the One, just like the physical heart, that is crucial in survival?

4.  Is your spiritual heart for God pumping the repeated heart beats of Christ?

5. How is your heart this morning? Do you feel spiritual sluggish, as if you do not have much energy?

6.Could that hindrance be you? Check to see if something has hindered your heart flow to the Lord.

7. In what ways does your heart flow with God?

8. In what ways does your heart resist the flow of God?


Dear heavenly Father, cause my heart to love you completely, fully and my soul and mind to follow hard after You, Your kingdom and Your will.  As I trust in You, You will guide me and direct my path to do just that. Connect my heart, soul and mind to your heart allowing you to beat and flow your blood throughout my body conforming to Your will.  Lord, help me to yield to a constant rhythmic flow of your heartbeat in all things. Lord may I see where I am not flowing and where I am hindering the spiritual cardiac cycle of our relationship so that I will turn from those things that offend you and your Name. Keep me beating in sync with You all my days and in all my ways.



Mark 12:28-34

Matthew 22:34:40

Deuteronomy 6:4-9

John chap 7

Matthew 22:37

Mark 12:30

Adapted from Simone’s writing series Heartbeat Lessons of the Cross

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Simone Lake is a Christ follower, bride of Pastor Dr. John Lake, Bible teacher and a passionate pray-er.
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