In what way would you consider yourself good? Perhaps you might consider yourself good because of...

The good deeds that you do
The fact that you are a good citizen
You are kind and loving

Or maybe your measuring stick is the fact, that you do not do all the “bad” and “horrific” things that you see others do. You know all the hideous crimes and offenses against society that are displayed in the newspapers and the media around the world.

If you are comparing your self with these statements above, not only is this type of reasoning unpromising, it is equally invalid.

A further provoking of this thought is...

How is it that you, a person that always does good things, suffer in this word?
And why is it that those who do evil things appear to have everything work out for them in abundance?
This was the very question that David asked God in several Psalms 10, 37, 73.

When King David, the author of Psalms spoke of good, his definition was a "holy good" in other words it meant following the righteousness of Christ. There is no other good than the good from God's throne. And his holy statues and precepts.

King David had some questions in regards to evil and righteousness. Perhaps some of the very questions you may have.

"Why is it Lord that the wicked in their way is always prospering?" -Ps 10:4-5

This is a question that is relevant today. Why do all these people doing wrong things continue to increase in good things, riches, prosperity? And those who are righteous received suffering of some kind.

It seems unfair until we rest assured with this verse...

"For the LORD knows the way of the righteous, But the way of the wicked will perish." Ps 1:6

God knows the way of both the evil one and the bad things he does and the righteous one and the good things he does. God will reward each for their deeds.
Be encouraged my friend.

Be strengthen by God's word and promises.

Always looking to Him to cover you with His righteousness.

Praying that you would cling to what is good because of the righteousness of the cross.

With much Christian love,

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