Fading Foliage

Fresh, fruitful, foliage will soon come to an end,

After our winter months, spring has come and is easily fading into the summer months.  Now is the time when everyone seems to spend more time outside. One can easily look across their yard and wonder where all the hours of lawn maintenance has developed. During this time of year, some plants are growing fresh new buds, others are maintaining a steady cadence and others are fading fast.  So what makes some plants live longer than others?  And why is it when a friend brings me a bouquet of wild flowers that some flowers within the bunch fade quicker than others?  It is evident that sooner or later, plants and all living things will fade.  Fading from all source of life is this earthly cycle of life. 

All flesh is grass

“…And all the glory of man as the flower of the grass.  The grass withers, And its flower falls away; But the word of the Lord endures forever.”  James writes in his faith epistle the importance of humility as well as the rise and fall of those in the limelight. Peter also echoes the same thought pattern first spoken by Isaiah.  All things will eventually come to an end and fade. So regardless of plants, foliage or the popular fame of humans, one thing we can count on that will last forever, is God, His throne and His righteousness.  In addition, all who believe upon Him will live eternally with Him and will never fade.

Instead of fading forever, would you like to endure forever? 
Would you go to God in prayer and seek Him for everlasting life by believing in Him?

Scriptural Text:
I Peter 1:24

Further Study:
Isaiah 40:6-8
James 1:10
James 1:11

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