What is Man?

Have you ever thought about it? Now I am not talking about the actual specific human make-up such as the bones, organs, cells and neutrons.

Nor am I talking about the psychological, intellectual and emotional makeup, although all this are included in the human body.

Instead, I am referring to who we are in our spiritual state.

In other words in light of all the things dwelling in the earth, how do we fair with that comparison?

Consider the vastness of the universe there is an estimation of over 100 billion galaxies

and over 100 billion stars.

Consider the vast amounts not to mention varieties of all the animals, birds, and multiple sea creatures, living in the earth and beneath the earth.

In the years 1011-971 BC, King David, who ruled over the Israel people wrote words to a worship song that addresses this very question. Known as a shepherd, musician, warrior and king, David knew his place and position in God and on this earth.

In verse one of Psalm 8, the chief musician begins the interlude of the song with this bold statement, “O Lord, our Lord, How excellent is Your name in all the earth.” In the Hebrew the word Lord is translated to YAWEH. This is a specific name given to holy God and Him alone. There is no one other than God that bears that name.

In verse two, King David focuses on the nature of man. Our true human nature is at enemy with God. Yet God’s plan was to put to silence our fleshly nature through His soon coming Son. In addition God selects the “foolish” things of the world to confound the wise.

Verse four brings to mind a harsh mind boggling reality, one that catapults a response from our hearts and voices of complete humility before an almighty God. Because of our adamic, fleshy nature and the fact that even though God knows our nature is to hate Him because we are enemies, He still is mindful of us and still wanting even longing to hang out and fellowship with us.

It is a mystery mixed with the emotions of joyful weeping married to the emotion of utter brokenness with our bodies responding by falling on our knees in utter praise and worship to a holy just God. There is no other response.

In addition, God has given additional benefits to man:

• Making man a little lower than the angels (v. 5)

• Crowning man with glory and honor (v.5)

• Man has the task and dominion appointed by God’s hand (v.6)

This beautiful musical score ends with the same chorus as in the beginning

O YAWEH, our YAWEH, How excellent is Your name in all the earth!

YES, He is excellent and YES He is our YAWEH for all that believe and receive.

Will you acknowledge God as the creator of all including you and receive His benefits and blessings? He is eagerly waiting your response.