Rejoice or Lie? You Choose

If someone came to you running with joyous emotion exclaiming some incredible news, what would your response be?

A) Join in with excited emotion.
B) Run to investigate the news THEN join in with excited emotion.
C) Tell lies

How many of you are thinking one of the answers above (C) doesn't quite fit? Your right! Not only does it NOT belong but it does not even make any rational sense.

Matter of fact if someone responded to good new by telling lies; they would easily be looked upon with contempt and probably ignored and shunned.

Good news: "I'm getting married soon and shopping for a dress"Response of lies: "No you are not, you just want to spend others money to buy items"Good news: "My debt is paid. I no longer have to pay this bill!"Response of lies: "You never had a bill to begin with."

Get my point? If someone responded with lies to exciting news in this society, others would think them to be psychotic at worst and compulsive liar the least.

In the gospels Matthew 28 and John 20 these three reactions are clearly displayed as a response when the tomb of Christ is discovered empty.

The women with fear and great joy ran to declare it.

The disciples (whom the women told) went to investigate it. THEN rejoiced.

And the chief religious priests hearing the good news did not even bother to go and see. Instead, they created a lie encouraging the soldiers, to lie bribing them with money.

These were the very soldiers whom commentators say may have been the exact ones that guarded the tomb. The very ones that would have eye witness knowledge of the lie being a lie.

My dear friend... what will be your response be to Christ?

Will you come and see?

Will you go and tell?


Will you believe a lie?

Praying that you will come and see Christ and then go and tell about who He is!

With much love,

© Copyright 2009 Simone Lake. All Rights Reserved